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Los Altos

Phone and fax (650) 948-5137 
email us: info@ptstutor.com




Session I

6/18 - 6/29

M thru F*

Session II

7/2** - 7/13

M thru F*

Session III

7/16 - 7/28

M thru F*

Session IV

7/30 - 8/10

M thru F*

Fees per class per session

Two classes of the same price ***

2:30 - 4:30




Algebra 2    Honors






Analysis Honors

$1,100 for

Honors classes

$2,000 for two Honors classes

4:30 - 6:00

Spanish 1


Spanish 2


Algebra 1 Regular Geometry Regular

$495 for

regular classes

$900 for two regular classes

6:00 - 8:00


Algebra 2




Trig/Math Analysis Honors 


  Geometry Honors


$1,100 for

Honors classes

$2,000 for two Honors classes

TEXTBOOKS --  ALL SAME AS LAHS (and Egan Spanish textbooks)

Algebra 1:


McDougal L. Algebra1

Geometry Honors:


Geometry for Enjoyment  and Challenge


Algerbra 2 Honors:


Algebra Trigonometry by Foerster


Trig/Math Analysis Honors:


Precalculus by Sullivan 


Spanish 1:


Descubre 1

Spanish 2:  


Descubre 2  


McDougal L. Geometry

*Friday class is optional, 10 to 12 for all classes – This is a class to review or take an optional test

**July 4th classes rescheduled to Saturday (7/7/18) of the same week: Spanish 2 Regular 10:00 to 11:30; Algebra 2H 11:30 to 1:30; Trig/MA 1:30 to 3:30

***Discount can be used for different students from the same family All materials provided. No refunds. About 20 minutes of homework per day is suggested but not required

Minimum 2 students per class; maximum 6 for regular classes and 4 for Honors classes



ü  Small groups-up to four or six students for almost personalized instruction 

ü  Great courses for reviewing key concepts taught in each class, or previewing main topics, and get a head start on the following fall

ü  Appropriate for High School students or Junior High students taking high school level classes

ü  Each course follows the syllabus set by the California Core Curriculum, with traditional "drill" as well

ü  For your convenience each class is offered and fully covered at least twice

ü  Each session of each class covers the same topics, but can be taken more than once to get different complexity problems each time.

ü  All classes are taught at 699 Los Altos Ave, Los Altos, CA 94022 by a qualified teacher

ü  About 20 minutes of optional homework per day is suggested but not required


To Register For Classes Please Complete the Form Below Or Print The Form and Mail It To Us Along With Payment. If you would prefer to pay online please click the corresponding "Pay Now" button below.

By paying On Line, you agree and accept the terms of service located at the following link Terms of Service


Regular classes (Algebra 1,  Spanish 1, and Spanish 2): (495.00 one; $450.00 each more than one)
           One Class (One Session)             Two Classes (One Session Each)




         Three Classes (One Session Each)              Four Classes (One Session Each)




Honor classes: 1,100.00 one; $1000.00 each more than one

           One Class (One Session)             Two Classes (One Session Each)




         Three Classes (One Session Each)              Four Classes (One Session Each)





Registration Form

Student's name*
Parent's first and last name
Home phone number
Cell phone  number
Classes and sessions you want*
Emergency contact and number
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