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A Note About Math Class Acceleration



  • From extensive research and my many years’ experience as a math educator Accelerating is usually Not Recommended. Students need time and progressive instruction for their minds to mature and have a deep grasp of new math concepts. Math is a journey, not a sprint. The only classes that might be OK to accelerate--and only for very motivated and mathematically and emotionally mature students-- are Regular Geometry or Regular Statistics.


  • Accelerating in any level of Algebra, Precalculus or Trigonometry will bring frustration down the line and it’s usually stressful for students.  If accelerating was pedagogically sound schools would offer the classes in a few weeks rather than a year time on a regular basis. Can you imagine the huge savings for everyone?


  • The purpose of my math classes is “to decelerate,” to have students learn concepts over a longer period of time. This process will increase students’ math confidence and ultimately will make them more relaxed and happier in their math classes at school.